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Get clean, renewable energy with Solar

Solar is clean, renewable, sustainable and cheaper over its lifetime than any other energy source on the market today!  Many incentives for solar are now available to make your purchase more easily doable. We have designed and installed hundreds of solar electric systems in New Jersey. All of our customers have either entirely eliminated their electric bills, or drastically reduced them.  And, they take pride in the fact that they are generating clean, renewable energy. Plus, they are selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits and making money. You can too, if you have some sun on your roof or yard and a winning plan. Call us today to help you get started.

It's time to stop buying dirty, polluting, costly energy & shed the costly addiction to oil

With the many financing options, tax benefits and incentives, and the renewable clean aspect of solar energy, it only makes sense to join thousands of others in New Jersey and adopt this technology now. Join us by transforming your home, business and community into economically sound, sustainable and healthy environments.

You will benefit from our extensive experience in solar installations.

We've helped hundreds of home and business owners entirely eliminate or significantly reduce their electric bills, and reap the additional rewards of selling SRECs. Ask about our free solar rebate application for Energy Efficiency customers.


Consumers are choosing green companies when they can. Increase your credibility; gain more respect from prospects and increase your business.

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Top 10 Reason to go Solar!

1. Eliminate or reduce your electric bill
2. Stop the use of nuclear power
3. 30% Federal Income Tax Credit
4. Great return on investment
5. Avoid inflationary electric rates
6. Reduce dependence on oil
7. Help reduce global warming
8. For a healthier environment
9. For free emergency power
10. To save the world!