Did you know US households spend $11 billion dollars a year to run air conditioners?

And, 20 to 50% is wasted through leaks and out-dated equipment?

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If Cars Were Built Like Houses:

The Stack Effect:

When Buildings Act Like Chimneys

Solar Panels:Berkeley Lab Illuminates Price Premiums for U.S. Solar Home Sales
Geothermal Industry has significant increased capacity in the US.
New report navigates Solar Securitization

 Green Banksset to help 

with financing clean energy.


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Using Engineered Geothermal Systemsto meet our energy demand.

Benefits and Incentives:

Learn about the great rebates that are available to you now:

  • 5% to 19.99% (Tier 2) - $2,000 rebate. Will only need a minimum of 5% TES.
  • 20%-24.99% TES (Tier 3, Level 1) - $3,000 rebate
  • 25% TES or greater (Tier 3, Level 2) -$4,000 rebate