You will get the best value with our fully trained and licensed staff. Let our years of experience work for you.

What are the benefits?

  • It's a self supporting investment. You can make your
    money back in 4 years! 

  • Avoids electricity inflation for the next 25 or
    more years!
  • Earns you two times your present electric bill for
    ​25 or more years!
  • Helps you reduce pollution and makes a positive ​
  • Reduces dependence on oil and dirty energy!

. . .  You can't afford not to!

Why pick us?

  • We are the FIRST company to secure funding for renewable energy products under the NJ rebate program & we will secure your grant before we start your project.
  • Ecological Systems installed the first residential 10kW wind electric generator under the New Jersey rebate program.
  • We have been on preferred contractor lists for over 15 years.
  • Two of the largest residential solar systems in the United States were installed by Ecological Systems' team. 
  • We are not only install solar but we also provide services and maintenance. 
  • We help you choose the right solar energy system for your needs and will carry the job to completion.

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Our staff is dedicated to clean, renewable, safe and economically viable energy solutions.  We maintain older systems and keep them running for optimal performance and great return on investment.

Ecological Systems by Water Wizard, LLC is a professional, experienced contractor. We see possibilities where others may not.  

​We offer options for long-term finance and buy-outs.

We help both businesses and homeowners:
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Using the appropriate automatic lawn sprinkler system will lead to better water conservation and keep your lawn green all season long.

Today's solar renewable energy systems can significantly reduce or even eliminate your electric bill. Get a more cost effective, clean energy system for your home.

Utilize the temperature of the water underground, to provide more sustainable heating and cooling for your home.

Reduce your energy usage by at least 30%, starting with a home energy audit to find
out where you are wasting thousands of dollars of
​energy every year.

Solar Maintenance and Repair

Greener Lawns, Greener Homes

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