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Thank you for your interest in energy efficiency and renewable solar energy.

Our goals are to reduce waste while improving comfort, safety and air quality.

As a Building Performance Institute, Inc GoldStar Contractor, we provide you with the highest
standards for workmanship in energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits.

Saving you money while saving our planet is what we're passionate about. In New Jersey, the Home Performance with Energy Star program provides $2000 to $5000 rebates for energy savings of 10% to 25% or more, using eligible measures that include at least air leakage reduction.

The United States could save $1.2 trillion through 2020, by investing in improvements like sealing leaky buildings and ducts, and replacing inefficient household appliances with new, energy-saving models according to a recent report by the McKinsey consulting group.

Buildings use about 48% of all energy consumed in the US according to the Energy Information Administration. By upgrading our homes with better building science, we can save money even after considering the cost of the upgrades in a few years time. Many rooms have poorly positioned ducts, often behind furniture, which don't do their job at all, resulting in uncomfortable rooms. Moving a duct can often fix a room.

The average homeowner in NJ is paying close to $3000 a year on home utility bills, with 30% of that wasted according to the EPA. Close to a $1000 of savings per year may be achieved at your home!

We recommend you begin with a Home Energy Assessment to examine energy consumption and waste, and identify where retrofits and improvements can be made to significantly reduce your energy costs. Energy efficiency upgrades can be considered investment-grade home improvements. Energy efficiency and solar are the best investments today!

Energy Efficiency

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